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Restoration Services

The Triangle area is fortunate to be home to many historic residences. Certified by the EPA for lead renovation, repair and painting in homes built before 1978, Hansell Painting specializes in restoration services to ensure that our customers’ historic homes are as beautiful today as when they were first built.

The first step of our restoration process is to remove all paint from the exterior of the home through scraping or chemical stripping. We then inspect the integrity of the wood beneath it and restore damaged areas. If we find that trim is beyond repair, we will remove an intact section and have a custom mold made from it to produce new trim that fits the historic profile of the home. Old windows are re-glazed and when glass needs to be totally replaced, we install restoration glass. This high quality glass is mouth blown and has the look of the home’s original glass, with air bubbles and waviness, ensuring that it doesn’t stand out as modern glass would. We are thorough in our restoration services to make certain that your home is protected from the elements while being aesthetically pleasing, and retaining its original charm.

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